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Global Commodity Finders Group, LLC

Buyers Information

Start the Process to Buy Petroleum Products from Designated Refinery Houston.

  • Buyer’s Corporate Profile in PDF format along with basic request.
  • Buyer will be provided a RFP ( Request for Product) for completion.
  • Upon buyer’s approval. CI is issued.
  • Buyer lodges blocked funds or SBLC with its bank as POF and source of payment.
  • Seller issues DIP Test Authorization (DTA). The Inspection at Refinery tanks.
  • Seller transfers Title upon successful (Q&Q) and Payment from Buyer.
  • Procedures 1-3 repeat every delivery (SPA Contract)

The Contract Price will be dependent on the volume and delivery frequency. The longer the contract and the bigger lifts can get you bigger discounts.

  • Any kind of proof of past performance redacted versions Q88, fuel inspection reports, etc
  • Once buyer is vetted then buyer will speak directly with legar Rep. of designated Refinery.
  • After first thru one supplier, buyer deals directly with designated refinery.
  • 25 million gallons per lift weekly minimum purchase
  • FOB
  • ULSD is based on (current platts price or any Diesel Fuel Oil)
  • No up front fees. Blocked Funds ok
  • Bank to Bank Verification
  • Spot/Trial lift okay rolling into production contract.

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