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An Overview To The Metallurgical Coal

Posted by Admin on December, 10, 2019

The metallurgical coal or commonly called the coking coal can be described as high grade coal, which is used for producing top quality coke. This coal exported by the metallurgical coal exporter, commonly called as the coking coal is a high-quality fuel, which is an essential component or reactant used in the blast furnace process of steel making. The demand for the metallurgical coal is usually coupled to the high demand for steel and used widely in order to ensure a stable as well low cost manufacture of steel.

Why is metallurgical coal so widely used?

There are a various reasons which make Metallurgical coal the ideal fuel. It produces a low amount of ash and contains low moisture, sulphur, and phosphorus content which make it a perfect combustible material. Due to its properties, it is ranked under the classification of Bituminous. There are a few other grades of Anthracite coal which are used in various applications like sintering, direct blast furnace charge, pulverized coal injection, pelletizing, and in production of ferroalloys, silicon-manganese, calcium-carbide, and silicon-carbide.

Things to Check in a Metallurgical Coal before using it in Coking

The coal sold by the Metallurgical Coal Exporter in US produces a strong and low-density coke when it is heated in an environment with low oxygen content. When heated, the coal tends to get softened, all its volatile components starts evaporating and escapes through pores present in the mass of coal. During the process of coking, the material tends to swell up and it volume increases.
The coking ability of the metallurgical coal is directly related to the physical properties of the coal, which determines its rank. However, in case of laboratory testing, it is important to evaluate the ability of coal to coke for better results. The strength as well as the density of coke is an essential part which should be known before using it in a blast. You need to confirm if the coke supports parting of the ore and deals with flux burden present inside the furnace or not.

Applications of Metallurgical Coal

The metallurgical coal is widely used in order to make coke, which is required primarily in the iron and steel based industries, foundries, and the other such industries. A large domestic deposit of coking or metallurgical coal is easily available in U.S. It has played an important role in the development of these iron and steel industry.

Coke is used chiefly for smelting iron ore and other such iron-bearing materials which are put in the blast furnaces. Acting both as a source of heat as well as a chemically reducing agent, it is used for producing pig iron and hot metal.

When preparing the metal, the coke, iron ore along with limestone are fed together in the blast furnace which is run continuously. The hot air which is blown in the furnace makes the coke burn which then serves as the source of heat as well as oxygen reducing agent which produces the metallic iron.

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